Tunnel Box Jacking

Tunnel Box Jacking: a trenchless construction method that can address the most demanding challenges

Building two tunnels underneath a live railway without disrupting traffic: that was a challenge met by the Intrafor teams as part of the construction of Hong Kong International Airport. And this was made possible thanks to Tunnel Box Jacking.

Box Jacking is a trenchless method of underpass construction, that can be used under live railways, as well as roads and highways, without traffic disruption. It consists in pushing precast concrete structures into the ground using high-powered hydraulic jacks, while excavating a tunnel.

This method allows the construction of large underground structures without the need for deep excavations and lateral supports. It was designed to minimize – or even eliminate – any disruption to traffic patterns or surrounding buildings, for the entire duration of the construction project.

Intrafor has a long track record in Tunnel Box Jacking. Our teams were involved in many of the first projects using this innovative construction method.

We offer comprehensive Box Jacking solutions, from design engineering to execution on site.

Our full Tunnel Box Jacking package includes:

  • Ground treatment
  • Grouting
  • Precast construction
  • Tunnel excavation
  • Box Jacking

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