Drilling and Geotechnical Solutions

Intrafor provides industry-leading drilling services through the implementation of technically advanced equipment and skilled operators.

Ground Investigation: Identifying the unknown ahead

Successful project execution relies on the quality of ground investigations carried out beforehand. The goal is to assess the ground subsurface condition and optimize its stability and durability before, during and after the construction of a structure.

Our team can supply exhaustive ground samples, accurate geotechnical analysis, and comprehensive ground assessment reports.

Horizontal Directional Coring: collecting meaningful data through a single borehole

Horizontal Directional Coring (HDC) is an advanced exploratory drilling technique that is similar to conventional rotary coring.

What sets this method apart is that an HDC hole is steerable, which means it can follow a predefined trajectory and provide core samples as well as geotechnical data along the entire length of the hole, and for the whole route of a linear structure.

It provides, through a single hole, more accurate and relevant ground properties data than dozens of conventional boreholes. HCD can be performed in any strength of rock with good recovery rates. In some cases where traditional holes cannot be digged, HDC is the only option possible.

Horizontal Directional Drilling: maintaining and expanding the utility infrastructure around the world

Intrafor has been one of the first industry leaders to introduce the trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method in Honk Kong and has become a reference in this field.

This specialized technique involves the drilling of a steered pilot hole on the desired trajectory; once completed, the hole is enlarged to enable the pipeline to be pulled back through it. HDD allows to significantly reduce the amount of disruption at the surface, a vital factor in built-up areas.

HDD is mainly used for the installation of oil and gas pipelines as well as other utility pipes under watercourses, roads, railway lines and steep slopes.

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