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Company activity at a glance

Intrafor at a glance

Founded in 1850 (more than 160 years of ground engineering experience) 900 employees worldwide Owner of a large fleet of highly mobile and specialized equipment

INTRAFOR is the specialist ground engineering and foundations subsidiary of the VSL Group and an industry leader in these fields.

TMCLK Ventilation Shaft

TMCLK Ventilation Shaft

KDB300 Jet Grouting

INTRAFOR provides a comprehensive range of professional services starting with feasibility studies and design development, through to construction completion. Extensive experience and expertise in all types of soil engineering techniques means that INTRAFOR not only offers the best technical solutions, but also innovative construction techniques designed to increase safety, save time, improve durability and reduce costs.

  • Diaphragm Walls (e.g. cut & cover tunnels, underground station boxes, building basements, tunnel access shafts, dams, cut-off wells)
  • Excavation and Lateral Support (basements, cut & cover tunnels, shafts)
  • Slurry Walls (ground improvement before construction, water cut-off, seepage prevention)
  • Foundation Piling (Large and small diameter bored piles, mini piles)
  • Foundation Barettes
  • Ground Improvement (vibro compaction, stone columns, grouting, jet grouting, ground freezing)
  • Trenchless Technology (horizontal directional coring, horizontal directional drilling)
  • Site Investigation (geotechnical site investigation studies including coring and field tests)


A worldwide network with a groupwide culture

Our group acts as a network organized around locally-based subsidiaries providing modern and cost effective construction technologies and operational capabilities. These are developed and supported by centralized expert research and development and technical teams.

Being part of an international construction group, INTRAFOR, is present though the VSL network which operates as a transnational group of companies with 40 offices. INTRAFOR customers directly benefit from the ongoing development of our special construction methods and from the exchange of information taking place within the VSL Network. Our customers have local tailor-made access to all the resources and expertise provided by the Group.

Our promise is to deliver the best quality service, with the most effective and efficient construction techniques and equipment, carries-out by the most experienced, well-trained and talented specialists.