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INTRAFOR's Technical Department is involved during early project stages in proposing alternative, cost effective and environmentally-friendly ground engineering solutions. Thanks to an innovative approach dedicated to ensuring quality and efficiency in our working methods, INTRAFOR’s teams are constantly involved in the development of new plant, tools and techniques. These are not only focused on achieving better efficiency, quality and safety, but also on ensuring that the most complex projects can be satisfactorily completed within schedule while minimizing risks.

For each challenging project or unusual conditions, INTRAFOR’s Technical Department can develop specific solutions to suit their specific needs

The culture of innovation within the group is reinforced through the Innovation Competition. Awards are given in various fields of application such as technical, production commercial, human resources etc..., to recognize employees’ creative ideas and initiatives that are in line with the group’s business values and strategies. Such development of innovative technologies helps INTRAFOR to improve processes and enter new markets.