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Ground improvement

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Ground Improvement

INTRAFOR provides its Clients with a variety of ground improvement solutions including Stone Columns, Vibro Compaction, Jet Grouting and Ground Freezing, depending on the structural requirements and existing soil conditions. We work in close collaboration with Consultants and Principle Contractors alike to determine the optimal engineering design. Typically this offers more cost effective solutions than conforming designs, including programme improvements. A number of projects including stone columns, vibro compaction, jet grouting and ground freezing have been completed, or are under way where INTRAFOR has proven its ability to deliver sound design-build solutions. Some of the industries where INTRAFOR has completed projects using Ground Improvement techniques include:

  • Power Stations
  • Oil & Gas
  • Residential and Industrial
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Reclamation Sites
  • Tunneling

Power Stations

INTRAFOR has been in the forefront of soil improvement solutions to power generation by providing technically superior foundation elements capable of withstanding large loads, with strict settlement limits at considerable savings to the Client over conventional piling solutions. INTRAFOR has successfully installed stone columns under power stations with reliable engineering results. Among the company references for Power Stations, we include:

  • Kifaf Power Station, Dubai, UAE
  • Marina Power Station, Dubai

Oil & Gas

As the economy of many countries continue to be driven by the Oil & Gas sector, INTRAFOR has been closely involved in many of the most important projects providing soil improvement solutions for refineries, gas processing plants, storage tanks, and other structures related to the Oil & Gas Industry. With millions of dollars at stake both upstream and downstream, oils and gas companies need extremely reliable structures, founded on solid ground. INTRAFOR, by means of Vibro Compaction, Stone columns and other methods, can and has delivered highly reliable foundation solutions in record construction time within the most strict health and safety regimes.

Among the company's references:

  • Integrated Gas Development DAS Island, offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Lok Ma Chau Terminus, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Residential and Industrial

Small projects can be as, or more, complex and demanding than large projects. This is often the case with residential projects where limited access, restrictive working hours, and fast turn around times make the residential projects unique and very challenging. INTRAFOR, mindful of Clients requirements and concerns, prepares and constructs foundation solutions that work in the challenging circumstances while allowing for design changes and possible future expansion or changes in the loading conditions.


Among the company's references:

  • Al Meena Sports Complex, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Al Manara Villa, Dubai, UAE

Waterfront, Ports and Harbors

Port development

Port development

Ports, jetties, and dykes, are typically built over reclaimed soils. Due to their placing methods during reclamation, these soils tend to be poorly compacted (particularly in the short-term) which is highly detrimental to structures. INTRAFOR provides design build solutions with a combination of different methods such as grouting or vibro techniques that allow the Main Contractors and Owners to place waterfront structures such as quay walls, jetties, berths, with confidence, and very quickly after completing reclamation works.

Among the company's references:

  • Ghantoot Naval Base, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Port of Monaco, Monaco

Reclamation Sites

With 40% of the world’s population living within 100 kilometers of the coast, and the constant pressure to develop more land with access to waterways, reclamation is often the only practical response. As reclaimed soils lack the engineering characteristics to allow industrial or urban development, these soils need to be improved with ground improvement methods including Vibro Compaction and Stone Columns. It is a standard practice to follow the placement of reclamation material that a phase of soil improvement is undertaken to allow further construction activity to proceed rapidly. INTRAFOR has been involved in those projects around the world improving millions of cubic metres of soil.

Among the company's references:

  • Port of Monaco, Monaco
  • Pennys Bay, Disneyland Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Integrated Gas Development DAS Island, offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Ghantoot Naval Base, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The construction of tunneling projects in soft and varied soil conditions brings many challenges to main contractors. Improving the soil characteristics is one of the solution used by INTRAFOR to prepare the underground environment for future construction. Using Jet Grouting, Ground Freezing or permeation grouting techniques, INTRAFOR is able to provide a wide range of technical solutions to tunneling contractors and consultants.

Among the company's references:

  • Express Rail Link 820, Hong Kong
  • KCRC East Rail Extension, Hong Kong
  • MRTA Bangkok, Thailand
  • Perth City Link, Australia
  • Airport Rail Link, Sydney, Australia