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Fullerton Hotel Foundations for building

Fullerton Hotel Foundations for building


Sheung Shui redevelopment

Developers and contractors which are aiming for the sky can rely on Intrafor to give them the strong foundations they need.

Higher building, higher loads: stronger and deeper foundations are needed.Through its technical and design departments, Intrafor has developed and implemented some of the most innovative design methods available for reducing project risks and costs.

Through the years, Intrafor has build up a wide range of know-how for buildings and civil works foundations, ranging from bored piling techniques to increased shaft friction barrettes, from shallow solution to over 100m deep foundation systems.

Among the company's references:

  • Singapore: The Fullerton Hotel Re-development
  • Hong Kong: ICC Tower, Asia World Expo, Housing projects
  • Australia: Perth City Link
  • Middle East: Abu Dhabi Corniche Hotel, Dubai Tall Tower