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Value engineering

XRL820 Strutting Design

XRL820 Strutting Design

Sheung Shui Temporary Strutting

As a highly experienced ground engineering specialist, INTRAFOR uses innovative geotechnical design and construction techniques to provide value engineering for its clients at an early stage in the design. The project details and interfaces are then developed with the client’s team to produce the most economical and safe solution. INTRAFOR aims to be much more than a contractor as your “Ground Engineering Partner”.

In-house design capabilities for better optimisation and risk assessment

Challenges in ground engineering come from the fact that the ground is generally not consistent under any one location. It often changes significantly from one layer to the next, or between two points across a site, or over time. The presence of water can also have a dramatic effect on the ground properties or on the integrity of a design. Although design methods and standards exist, they are often based on empirical approaches, not only scientific methods.

The design and construction of foundations and geotechnical structures or improvements can therefore pose significant risks. INTRAFOR exists to manage these risks for clients having developed the experience and capability to do so over many years.

INTRAFOR provides the most efficient and effective designers and design processes:

  • through its team of talented, innovative, experienced design engineers with extensive proven track records
  • rigorous checking and verification of designs
  • using the most up-to-date design method, standards, 3D finite element modeling and other software.

In addition, the design team works closely with estimators and operational staffs during all phases of projects to ensure that the design can be adapted to new information and that risks are managed as closely as possible. The result is the selection of the most suitable method and optimization of programmes, sequences and quantities giving significant advantages to the project developer or principle contractor.