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School relationships

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race

ETH Zurich Students Site Visit 2012 

INTRAFOR's technical expertise enjoys an excellent reputation. To maintain our position we are constantly seeking candidates with a wide range of qualifications and are forging close and special relationships with secondary schools, universities as well as engineering schools through

  • Partnerships
  • Educational programs
  • Career Fairs


INTRAFOR creates ties with institutions of higher learning and their students through educational and financial partnerships.

Educational activities are given top priority and take the form of classroom presentations and the provision of work experience opportunities on construction sites.

Event sponsorship

We sponsor educational and cultural events in universities and schools.


INTRAFOR awards scholarships to motivated students who need support to help them pursue and complete higher education.


We offer internships and graduate employment opportunities to help promising trainees develop the necessary skills to excel at INTRAFOR.

Work site visits

In cooperation with vocational secondary schools and Universities, we organize visits to work sites.

Career Fairs

INTRAFOR regularly participates in career fairs aimed at graduates and students who will shortly complete their studies and are a great opportunity to meet experienced staff. You will be able to talk to them about the various positions with INTRAFOR, what it’s like to work for a leading ground engineering specialist and apply for an internships or jobs.

For more information about our local programs, please contact us.