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Our policy

Changing the way we do business

In INTRAFOR our ambition is to build a sustainable living environment by delivering projects to our customers that protect the environment while ensuring comfort and well-being for users. This commitment has been formalized into the VSL Sustainable Development Programme:

Foster a trusting relationship with our clients, based on consideration, transparency and innovation.

Building a genuine trust-based relationship with our clients means willing to listen, acting in complete transparency and offering performance guarantees in terms of quality, safety and the environment. Client trust is also determined by our capacity for innovation with a view to meeting their expectations, especially in terms of environmental protection.

Incorporate risk into the day-to-day management of the company.

In addition to clearly identified technical and financial risks, we want to step up vigilance on the environmental, social and reputation risks arising from our operations. Heightened vigilance in these areas implies enhancing existing procedures and improving employees’ risk management skills.

Lead our business sectors in terms of occupational health and safety.

We are determined to lead our sector in terms of safety, by continuously upgrading prevention, involving our partners and subcontractors in our approach to safety, increasing workplace ergonomics and expanding our road safety action. We also want to further improve the health of our employees, particularly by raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol, smoking and drug abuse.

Develop our employees’ skills and promote equal opportunity.

We will make INTRAFOR a more attractive company by fostering the personal development of our employees, encouraging cultural diversity, increasing the numbers of female and disabled employees and giving all employees the opportunity to be responsible citizens.

Establish balanced, longterm relationships with partners, suppliers and subcontractors.

We intend to build genuine partnerships with our subcontractors by involving them in our progress plans for quality, safety and environmental protection and in combating illegal labour. With respect to our suppliers, especially in emerging countries, this means being stringent on quality and labour standards.

Ensure that our businesses respect the environment.

Integrating environmental concerns at INTRAFOR first means designing facilities that consume less energy and resources and that blend better into their surroundings. It also means reducing energy and natural resource consumption on our work sites as well as minimising the disturbance for local residents. Lastly, it means encouraging environmentally friendly habits in every employee, because 2,900 small efforts to help the environment on a daily basis have a big impact.

Participate in the economic and social life of the regions where we operate.

We want to play an active role in the economic and social life of the regions where we operate, by supporting associations and organisations that help reintegrate people in difficulty and by providing financial assistance for actions in education, health and heritage preservation.