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Community actions

INTRAFOR puts its commitment to local communities into practice by helping to create jobs, actively communicating with our neighbours and those with an interest in our activities and providing help to those in the community who need help the most.

Some recent actions include:

Continued support to community in Vietnam

Continued support to community in Vietnam

Through various initiatives, VSL-INTRAFOR Vietnam has supported the Long Hai Community Centre in Vietnam for several years. The regular donation of gift boxes, whilst a small measure, has been very well received by the centre's Director's and pupils.
Additionally the support provided by VSL-INTRAFOR team towards the construction of the centre's extension building is making good progress.


Terre Plurielle
Children of the Rice Fields 

Enfants des Rizières – Children of the Rice Fields

Pour les Enfants des Rizières is a non-profit organisation aimed at helping disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Inititated by VSL Vietnam in 2011 via Bouygues Construction's charitable foundation, Terre Plurielle, funds are being contributed towards the Long Hai Centre, which will make it possible to feed and care for local, disadvantaged children, as well as giving them access to schooling.
Touched by the project and its potential impact, the staff and management of VSL-INTRAFOR Vietnam decided to help further by organising a collection of clothes, books and toys for the Maison Sociale. The idea was taken up and extended throughout the other VSL-INTRAFOR companies in the region.


Donation Japan Tsunami

Donations for Earthquake Victims

Staff and management of VSL-INTRAFOR Hong Kong joined efforts to support the victims of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami on 11th March 2011. People in the affected areas were suffering from a shortage of shelter, food and water, on top of the huge loss of life and injuries. VSL-INTRAFOR HK's staff quickly organised an in-house fund raising effort to help the response effort. The company doubled the amount donated by staff members which was presented to the Consulate-General of Japan on 30 March 2011.