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Actitudes policy

Actitudes, a Bouygues Construction Group-wide policy

Continued support to community in Vietnam

In response to the challenges of sustainable development, our mother company Bouygues Construction has implemented a company-wide policy called "Actitudes". With backing at the highest level of the company, the policy has helped to raise general awareness of the Group's environmental, corporate and social responsibilities, and steadily increase our commitment and effort in these areas. An integral component of projects from design to operation, sustainable development has boosted value creation and innovation in products and services.

INTRAFOR has fully adopted Bouygues Construction's Sustainable Development policy guidelines under the banner "Actitudes". The policy is organized around four key themes and 12 commitments.


Progress is tracked by means of a set of key indicators associated with each commitment, backed up by an extra-financial reporting system covering all the issues concerned.


BYCN Sustainable Development BrochureBouygues Construction sustainable development report 2011
Bouygues Construction sustainable development brochureBouygues Construction sustainable development report 2011